About Us

Love Liparu launched in March 2021, inspired by my dog, Liparu, whom I adopted during my Peace Corps service in Namibia from 2019-2020. Born on the anniversary of my mother’s death, Liparu, whose name means "life" in Rumanyo, brought immense joy into my life. When COVID-19 abruptly ended my service, I spent 110 days reuniting with her.

Back in the US, sewing dog bandanas became my therapeutic outlet and evolved into Love Liparu. Love Liparu create aesthetic, functional pet items designed to support training. Each product, from leash wraps to travel mats, is made with you and your pet in mind.

To spread the message "love life," we donate 5% of our proceeds to charity every six months.

Our Mission

At Love Liparu, our mission is to create high-quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing pet products that enhance the training journey and deepen the bond between pets and their owners.