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About Us

Love Liparu launched March 2021 and is not your typical small business. The inspiration for Love Liparu came from my dog, Liparu. I adopted Liparu during my Peace Corps service in Namibia from 2019-2020. One of the dogs on my homestead gave birth to a litter of puppies. The puppies were born on the anniversary of my mother’s death, so I decided it was a sign that I needed to adopt one and thus I chose to name my puppy “life”. In Rumanyo, the native language I spoke during my service, “Liparu” means life. 

Soon after adopting Liparu, COVID-19 ended my Peace Corps service abruptly, I evacuated and left my 15-week-old puppy in a kenneling facility in Namibia. I spent the next 110 days finding a way to get her back to me. Finally, on July 10, 2020, I was reunited with Liparu. The village I called home during my service gave me my biggest joy in life.

Unexpectedly coming back to the US during the pandemic and having to say goodbye to the life I had in Namibia took an immense toll on my mental health. One day on a whim I bought a sewing machine and started making dog bandanas. Sewing turned out to be be an incredible outlet that calmed me and brought me happiness. As a way to spread joy to others and have one incredible reason to love life again, I created Love Liparu.

Sewing bandanas evolved into me finding my love for sharing Liparu and I's training journey. I found the need to find aesthetic but more importantly functional items that supports our training. Because of this, each item is made with you and your pet(s) training journey in mind. For example our leash wraps help you advocate for pet, travel mats help solidify commands, treat jars house your pet's favorite high value treats, etc.

To ensure the message "love life" lasts, every 6 months, Love Liparu will donate 5% of our proceedings to a charity.